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VacciMinders is an application that helps you keep a tab on vaccination due dates and schedules for your kids. All you need to do is enter the birth details and this app automatically calculates the due dates and schedules of the vaccinations based on the country that you choose.

Following are some of the features in this application that would make your life simpler and easier:

• Sync vaccination dates with iCal. (Paid)
• Once the required information is entered, vaccination schedule is generated automatically up to the age of 18 years.
• Add/Delete custom vaccination information, if required.(Paid)
• View profiles, vaccine information, and schedules offline.
• Set the dates on which the vaccination(s) were actually given, for future reference.
• Vaccination details and schedules for 23 countries (courtesy: WHO website).
• Reminders through emails, iCal, and sound notifications. (all are paid features)
• Add countries to favorites list for quick reference. (Free:1)
• You can restore information in case app gets deleted.

There are 'Free' and 'Paid' versions of the application and you have access to limited features in the 'Free' version.