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STYRE was established in the year 2008. STYRE offers a wide range of services in the field of education, software development, and branding. STYRE's software development and branding divisions were started in the year 2008 and Apple Authorised Training Center (AATC) was started in the year 2010. STYRE's AATC is India's 1st for Mac OS X. STYRE offers training and certification programmes on Mac OS X, Professional Applications (Final Cut Studio and Logic Studio),
iWork, iLife, iOS Development, and customised programmes for educators, teachers, professors, students, marketing & HR professionals. Apart from training and certification programmes, we offer consultancy services to organisations that are planning to migrate to a Mac environment or that are already on a Mac
environment and looking to increase the efficiency and output. We also have solutions and courses for schools, colleges, and universities that would help them revolutionise
the way they educate and learn. We have a team of Apple Certified Trainers (ACTs) and Professionals with a vast experience and expertise in their respective domains that help us in delivering quality services. STYRE's Branding division offers services related to print media, web, and brand consulting, we have a team of young and vibrant professionals who bring in a good amount of
expertise to their respective domains. STYRE's Software division has the expertise in the fields of educations and iOS application development. We have developed an ERP for educational institutions that helps them
integrate various departments in the institution effectively and also give access to the right information that leads to effective decision making and broadcasting the information to
various stakeholders. iOS division develops applications on iOS platform. We develop applications for commercial use and enterprises. Being a Apple Authorised Training Center gives us a deep
understanding of the Mac and iOS platforms which in turn reflects in the applications that we develop and solutions we offer.