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CONNEXION is an ERP for education institutions.
Our commitment is to provide secure, reliable, and efficient solutions to education institutions.
Among the key focus areas for education institutions is the standard flow of information to the students and parents apart from having access to the right information at the right time
in order to take effective decisions. Through our panel of experts who have a vast experience in the field of education, we have understood the domain and identified the processes in education institutions based on which
we have designed and developed various modules that help in capturing the data in the right manner and streamlining the information based on the goals of an institution. Following are the modules in the package:
Online Application Process, Backend Process, Application Status, Real-time Updates, Reports.
Student Details, Room Allotments, Payments, Breakages / Fines, Reports.
Student and Employee Details, Inventory, HR Policies, Finance, Library, Role Management, Reports (Resource Usage, Student and Employee Details & Performance, Marketing,
Admissions, Time Tables, Fee Details and Status, Corporate Relations, Role Management).
Student and Employee Management
Student Profile Page, Attendance, Fee Details, Time Table, Accommodation, Corporate Relations, Performance (Marks), Policies / Rules & Regulations, Anti-Ragging Act., News.
Employee Profile Page, Leave Management, Performance (goals, achievements - research, consultancy, etc.), Time Table, Policies, News.
Time Table Management
Setting the time table using the resources available and communicating the same to all the related individuals.
Fee Management
Fee payment details of a student, current status, and communicating the same to the respective students.
Assigning the budgets at the beginning of the financial year, tracking the releases (medium, place, cost, etc.), reports, and keeping a track of the budget in real time.
Corporate Relations & Alumni
Database of the companies & HR individuals, Student Profiles, Recruitment Process, Alumni Database & Profiles, Reports (including number of companies visited,
number of students recruited, salary packages, etc.)
Training & Support Services
We understand that implementing the solution is just a part of the achievement, we would be completely satisfied when the solution is put to optimum use and the institution finds it effective. Our team of trainers and developers are committed to deliver a hands-on training programme to the employees and management of an education institution that has decided
to implement CONNEXION. Apart from the training programme, we are also available to support the institution as and when required.
As a part of our continuous improvement programme, our team of developers invest a huge amount of time in improving the existing features and in turn giving you a better experience.
Generally most of the updates do not come at a cost unless there is a major upgrade. To know more about our products, kindly fill the Enquiry Form.