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Ever since Apple launched the App Store, there has been a gold rush of sorts to the iOS platform with individual developers publishing their apps on the App Store, organisations hiring
developers to develop their apps and publish on the App Store, the launch of iPad has only increased the rush. Being an Apple Authorised Training Center (AATC) and having a set of fantastic Apple Certified Trainers (ACTs) gives us a good understanding of the technology and what Apple stands for. We have a pool of developers who bring in a wide range of expertise and experience across domains apart from a very well thought of process in place for application design and
development that gives us the edge to deliver the goods:
Understanding the purpose of developing an app tops the priority in the development process. It is very crucial to understand the reason why there is a requirement and what it is
expected to deliver.
Once we understand the purpose and requirements, a concept is developed by interacting with the clients, domain experts, programmers, and designers.
Whilst dealing with iOS devices, design of the application plays a very important role. We spend a quality amount of time at this phase as it is very important to get the whole layout,
flow, look, and feel of the app right.
Once the concept and design is finalized, our expert programmers take over and develop the application.
Once the programmers have completed developing the app, our team of testers would test run the app and validate various features on the App.
We are now ready to publish the app on the App Store!
We would be glad to develop an app for you, kindly fill the Enquiry Form.